Parton & Preble Steel Fabrication and Forming - Our Experience:

Parton & Preble has been successfully serving the heavy steel fabrication and forming industry in the United States and Canada since 1959. For over 54 years, we have provided unsurpassed quality products and services to the aerospace, automotive, agriculture, machine tool, mining, pollution control, oil drilling and equipment industries.

Parton & Preble is also proud to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified. This means our quality administration and management systems, standards, and guidelines, have been assessed and approved by QAS Inc. as conforming to the highest standard of excellence have set us apart as the premier steel fabrication company of choice. We have a large arsenal of equipment and expertise capable of handling the largest steel fabrication, plate forming, plate burning and blanchard grinding projects, as well as many other tasks for any industry.


Personal Growth:

We will take a very strong interest in all of our people. We will encourage and reward excellence, assist in the expansion of your horizons, and inspire personal growth that helps you achieve your dreams, ambitions, and goals. We win by helping each other achieve a balance in our personal life that we may all have a better standard of living.


We will develop, recognize, and reward leadership qualities such as integrity, high energy, enthusiasm, creativity, commitment, and a true sense of pride at being an employee of Parton & Preble Inc. We win by developing skills that benefit us all.

Team Concept:

The team concept extends to everything we do. We will maintain an open, cooperative environment which fosters participation in the decision making process, encourages the sharing of individual ideas, opinions, and feelings, and generate commitment to the goals of the team. We win by working together as a team.


We are ultimately responsible for ourselves. We must make a sound profit, plan and investment in the future without sacrificing the present. We will continue to develop innovative, profitable products and services which strengthen our market leadership. We win by being a strong and profitable organization. Our consistent dedication to excellence in service, product and information will allow us to be the best in our business, not the biggest, but the best.

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